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Real estate SEO and inbound marketing tips

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Online real estate news releases need to pack an SEO punch


If your online news release resembles the 1980s (even 90s) press releases in any way, it’s time to re-examine your strategy. An online press release is nothing like the old school press release.  The old press release was written to the media heavyweights for their distribution power.  There is little need for that anymore – internet distribution is yours for the taking – if you know your SEO.

Housing Newswire news releaseThere are two key audiences for your online real estate PR – your target audience and the search engines.  And you can’t reach the former without the latter.  Not optimally anyway.  Fact is you’re going to miss most of your target if they can’t find your article in search. And you’ll miss an opportunity for valuable SEO enhancement for your website, if you’re not using inbound links.

News release must-haves:

  • Titles must include and define through the most important keywords, or risk not being found.  ‘Catchy’ titles don’t work online.
  • Content should contain topic-driven links with relevant anchor text that give the reader additional information, keep the story succinct, and tells the search engine what the story is primarily about.  
  • Inbound links to your website will enhance your site’s SEO authority.  Why would you miss that opportunity?
  • Images should support the subject (with links to larger photos).
  • Links should drive viewers toward conversion pages, where they can request additional information.

You can find any number of online PR sources that allow you to upload your press release and even help you to optimize on some basic SEO factors.  One of the best features about these sites is that they are a viable source of inbound links, hence off-page SEO for your website. 

In effect, you’re paying these services to post content and links to your site.  Their prices vary and the added features like ‘distribution to premium news sites’ should be carefully considered against the price.  Distribution does not denote inclusion.  Others limit the number of links you can use. 

I recently wanted to test the effectiveness of one of the most popular PR sites and signed up for their standard news release at $80, only to find the $80 version didn’t include any backlinks.  Huh?  What would be the point?




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