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Real estate blog ideas for builder developers: Your neighborhood


Real estate bloggers can only talk so much about what makes one granite countertop better than the next guy’s, but what you can talk about is the community where your granite resides.

bucktown festivalBuyers typically choose a neighborhood or community first, then they look consider the buying options in that community.  If you can interest that potential buyer in your neighborhood, you could be well on the way to an opportunity to vie for that person’s business.

And there’s so much to talk about – community events, traditions, history.  Schools, local government, local business.  Neighbors, lifestyle, community gatherings. 

Part of any content strategy is to place your reader in your environment:

  • Talk about the surrounding neighborhood amenities, the lifestyle, the culture
  • Talk about the nearby shopping and dining opportunities
  • Talk about the schools, the variety of religious options
  • Talk about regular events and festivals that neighbors can participate in.
  • Talk about the small events that neighbors hold – holiday traditions, summer BBQs, block parties
  • Paint a picture of what it’s like to live in the area – the perfect summer evening, the first snow, the fall weekends.

And don’t try to cover them all in one post – take one at a time.

Here are some examples of community-based blog posts.



As the Broker of Record for Milestone Silver Realty Ltd., I'm always looking for ways to make our news page better. You've provided us with some good ideas to make our own site more meaningful. Thanks for the help
Posted @ Tuesday, October 02, 2012 10:27 AM by Anthony Smrke
This article is very nice. 
Posted @ Saturday, March 23, 2013 7:08 AM by Home for Sale in Mumbai India
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