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How a real estate blog helps your SEO - and your business


Blog postSo you’re a real estate business owner who wants to up his SEO rankings and everyone says you’ve got to write a blog.  Good move.  But what exactly does a blog do for your SEO?  And is it ever going to be enough to affect your bottom line?  I say that it does both – in measured progression, but the cumulative effect can be enormous.

Here’s how a blog helps your SEO.

  • People read it – that means visitors to your site.  Ideally you encourage your visitors to link deeper into your site.
  • Search engines read it.  A blog is a great source of fresh new content.  Search crawlers like new content.  If your website is changing, you’re attracting the search crawlers.  If a search engine crawls your site and nothing has changed it a month, they’ll schedule their next visit for a month from now.  If it still hasn’t changed next month, they’ll schedule their next visit in 3 months.  You get the pattern.  Activity begets indexing.
  • People find your blog on search engines.  You’re able to penetrate the finer search topics that your audience is looking for in posts.  If you’re a real estate agent specializing in a specific town, you talk about neighborhoods in town by name, community ordinances that residents might be ‘googling’, even streets, parks, schools and sports teams.
  • Reciprocal linking opportunities.  The best kind of inbound link is the kind you earn when a website naturally link to your blog content because it helps them enhance their own site.  Short of uninvited inbound links, a requested link to your site from a community site after mentioning and linking to that site in one of your posts is not unheard of.  In fact it can be beneficial to both sites’ readers.

Here’s how a blog helps your business.

  • Your prospects get to know you.  Making a connection with a potential client is the most important hurdle to a business relationship. Your personality will come out in your blog posts.  You’re giving your readers a bit of yourself while you’re demonstrating your market knowledge.  A good blog speaks to and answers questions about the buying or selection process for whatever product (a home) or service (yourself) your business sells.  Your blog lets you feed a prospect the answers and educate them.  They’ll appreciate that and be more likely to reward you with their business.
  • Your blog can serve as a resume.  If you meet someone at a party or a business function giving them a card or a follow up call is one thing.  Directing them to your blog can demonstrate your expertise on a range of topics.  You can even direct them to certain posts that are more relevant to their situation.



Great point Mike. I agree, a real estate blog is a must for anyone looking to move up in the search engine ranks as well as build your brand. Not to mention, it can keep customers coming back to see what you will write about next.  
Another benefit of having a blog is it gives you more opportunities of keywords to target which helps your long-tail SEO (less popular keywords - which happen to make up ~70% of all search traffic). 
I found another great article that anyone with a real estate site should read. Its all about creating a custom Google map with properties, points of interest in your city, etc. 
Check it out here: Search Engine Land 
I don't work for this company, mind you, this website is really just an exceptional resource. 
If you're interested in seeing how we make use of our blog you can see it here: All Kirkland Homes 
Posted @ Tuesday, May 08, 2012 2:35 PM by Pat Pflager
Great article thanks of letting us know about the benefits of a blog that how can a blog help our business. Love to read more post similar to this one keeping posting, and many thanks. :)
Posted @ Tuesday, April 16, 2013 7:13 AM by South Florida Real Estate
Great article thanks
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