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Data Based Ads supports the inbound marketing process with a host of services and capabilities geared toward organic content creation and lead generation.

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DBA Inbound uses inbound marketing, organic online content, the most effective SEO strategies and our own high-ranking platforms to drive traffic and authority to your web destinations.

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Real estate video is the defining medium for today's home buyer. DBA Inbound/YoChicago produces economical, conversational video and gains viewership through Chicagoland's #1 real estate video channel.

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AdMaster™, our listing management software for real estate brokers, is designed to harness inbound links to a broker’s website to maximize the broker’s SEO relevance and deliver more traffic.  

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Real estate SEO and inbound marketing tips

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Real estate SEO page diversity grows the forest using the trees

Building and SEO forest with the trees

A fairly common mistake that real estate brokers make when trying to optimize their website for search terms is that they try to rank for too many terms without supporting each term with specific content or more appropriately, a specific page.

Building SEO with a real estate blog

Real estate blog post SEO

You’re not going to change the world with a single blog post, but the cumulative effect of real estate blogging can help you rank for the search terms that your prospects use most.

Over-the-top real estate SEO in for a wake-up call.

Over the top SEO

About a month ago, Google search guru Matt Cutts let it ‘slip’ at a mainstream search conference that Google would begin actively seeking out and devaluing sites that over-optimized their web pages, referring to the on-page user experience.

How to maximize real estate SEO in your headlines

real estate SEO headline

SEO consideration in your headline ensures that your post gets front of a relevant audience.

Real estate blog ideas for brokers: Home listings

homes for sale

Homes for sale or rent.  Consumers will stop to read about an interesting property.

Five vital real estate SEO services

5 vital SEO services

If you’re going to start off 2012 with a reinvigorated SEO effort, be sure to ask your agency or consultant about these five SEO services and what their plan is for your real estate business.

On-page SEO for your real estate website – one page at a time.

Perfectly optimized web page

Search engines surface web pages, not websites.  For each search term you want to focus on, dedicate a web page to it specifically, with the content on that page supporting it.

On-page SEO works a whole lot better with engaging content

Relevant web content

There is rarely a viable SEO substitute for interesting relevant content.  Engaging real estate content, be it a blog post, video or imagery will naturally command search engine attention in the search categories related to it, though it doesn’t hurt to double back and make sure you have the good on-page SEO ‘flags’.

Your real estate website – SEO sales generator or online brochure?

Online brochure parody

Consider the utility of a printed brochure these days.  Yes, ‘limited value’ would be an optimistic assessment.  And yet many real estate websites are nothing more than an online brochure.  Just as a stack of printed brochures sits on a credenza in your sales office, your online brochure sits in the abyss of the internet – untouched, unread, marginally effective.

On-page SEO for real estate – more of less

Too many keywords

Today while I was working on a website SEO review, I encountered something I often run into – a site trying to rank for too many keyword phrases on its front page.  And more often than not, the mistake is repeated on pages throughout the site.  Instead of saying “I’m an Oak Park Realtor”, they want to say “I’m an Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park realtor who is a real estate expert in the near western suburbs including Hinsdale, LaGrange, Western Springs and Elmhurst.”  You get it – you’ve seen it.

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