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Data Based Ads supports the inbound marketing process with a host of services and capabilities geared toward organic content creation and lead generation.

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DBA Inbound uses inbound marketing, organic online content, the most effective SEO strategies and our own high-ranking platforms to drive traffic and authority to your web destinations.

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Real estate video is the defining medium for today's home buyer. DBA Inbound/YoChicago produces economical, conversational video and gains viewership through Chicagoland's #1 real estate video channel.

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AdMaster™, our listing management software for real estate brokers, is designed to harness inbound links to a broker’s website to maximize the broker’s SEO relevance and deliver more traffic.  

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Real estate SEO and inbound marketing tips

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A real estate blogger needs a link strategy

outbound link strategy

While most bloggers write for a higher purpose than pure SEO, most of us have a secondary purpose (OK, occasionally primary) of helping our sites rank better.  We want to throw some link juice at one of our own websites, a client website, or a website we respect – one that shares good information.

Black hat SEO, link schemes, Panda. What does it all mean?

black hat SEO spy vs spy

Off-page SEO generally consists of link-building. Link building is the process of acquiring inbound links from other authoritative websites to content on your site. Search engine algorithms consider inbound links the highest form of credibility. Acquiring inbound links is never completely in your control – you must work and cajole other parties into linking to your site. 

Five vital real estate SEO services

5 vital SEO services

If you’re going to start off 2012 with a reinvigorated SEO effort, be sure to ask your agency or consultant about these five SEO services and what their plan is for your real estate business.

3 key SEO components of an inbound link

Inbound link SEO strategy

Inbound links are the fuel behind a successful SEO effort.  These links are the signals that tell the search engines that your website and/or pages are important.  But all inbound links are not equal. 

Off-page real estate SEO – one page at a time.

Targeted inbound links

In last week’s on-page SEO post, we talked about the perfectly-optimized web page – if there is such a thing.

How important are social signals to real estate SEO?

Social share effect on search engine results page

There is a plethora of data and opinion out there on the impact of social signals on search results.  If anything is changing in the world of SEO right now, it’s the influence of social media on search results.  What you can be certain of however, is that it matters, and that it will continue to matter.

Search engine optimization in a nutshell

Video: What is search engine optimization?

I came across this video this morning (kudos to Common Craft and Search Engine Land) which does a great job of summing up SEO for the beginner.

Link strategy meets “nofollow” links - no SEO juice for you

rel=nofollow image

So you’re working on generating off-page SEO and inbound links for your website and you think – “I’m just going to sit down and start posting my website links on all my friends’ social pages.”

Online real estate news releases need to pack an SEO punch

Housing Newswire news release

If your online news release resembles the 1980s (even 90s) press releases in any way, it’s time to re-examine your strategy. An online press release is nothing like the old school press release.  The old press release was written to the media heavyweights for their distribution power.  There is little need for that anymore – internet distribution is yours for the taking – if you know your SEO.

Off-page SEO – building real estate links

Inbound link graphic courtesy of

SEO practices can be categorized into two sectors; on-page and off-page.

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