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Single property websites

Single property real estate websiteAdMaster™-generated single property real estate websites are a great way to showcase an individual listing, create an individual website for a seller with its own vanity URL, and drive additional links into your broker website.

And AdMaster™ already has the data - no input or enhancement is necessary unless the site owner chooses to do so.

Inbound links from external domains are the most effective way to add authority and SEO relevance to a broker website. Having a separate site for each of your listings sending multiple links to diverse pages of your broker website can make a significant impact on your search engine rankings.

The large real estate aggregators pass very limited SEO credit back to the broker site, but DBA AdMaster™ single property websites do – to multiple, but diverse pages on the broker website. 

Vanity URLs

Brokers can offer their agents vanity URLs ( for their listings on an individual or ‘whole office’ basis. DBA will incorporate those URLs into AdMaster™, which in turn can be listed in any print ad or online reference.

Individual agents can also purchase single property websites and URLs independently through our e-commerce function.

Single property real estate website features

  • Additional SEO relevance
  • Incoming link diversity to relevant pages
    • Broker listing detail page
    • Broker office page
    • Broker agent detail page
    • Broker community page
  • Turnkey creation – built from AdMaster™ content
  • Real-time updates – AdMaster™ changes reflected immediately
  • Agent / seller good will – perfect listing tool

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